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A three-channel video installation by Ayşe Gülsüm Özel with sounds by Can Kaya

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Diversity is often used to reveal the pluralities, the line between recognition and stigmatisation is very thin. The high contrasted video work aims at a relativisation thru comparison of contradictions to abolish stigmatisation. Fragmental Situations handles ambiguous situations, keeping them in an uncomfortable dilemma and experimenting about how metaphoric associations and subliminal connotations can affect on prejudices.

This video shows three stigmatised characters from different societies who might live in the same street in a bigger city of global north. The observer, the exhibited and the hided, personated by the same performer three social roles process one common symbol, the meat. Inspired by their possible living situations they are displayed on separated screens but should have been observed simultaneously because the impact is in their indirect interaction.


Ayşe Gülsüm Özel, born in Istanbul, studied stage and costume design at Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and completed her studies in the field of stop motion animation. She works Berlin based freelance, realizes her designs in films and on theatre stages, produces videos for theater and opera productions and executes independent video works. Her activities in the field of film and video led her to the participation in the 67th Berlin International Film Festival as Berlinale Talent and in the video section she has been awarded a fellowship by The Corporation of Yaddo NY/USA


The Bucket Rider

Stopmotion-film, 7min, Berlin, 2014 on Vimeo

Film: Ayşe Özel Music: Mikail Yakut Supervising: Prof. Peter Schubert, Gunter Eisermann

The Bucket Rider is an interpretation of the story fragment written by Franz Kafka dedicated to WWI with the same name in 1921. The story is about a poor man looking for coal and hopes the coal dealer will borrow him some. However he gets disappointed and he ascends "into the regions of the ice mountains and" is "lost forever.” A visual interpretation of a narration which does not include spoken language.

- 12. International Akbank Short Film Festival - National Competition

- 3. International Canlandiranlar Festival


Eye Am
Feature-film, 78min, Istanbul, Lyon, 2013, IMDB: tt2671988

Staging and Screenplay: Hakki Kurtuluş, Melik Saracoğlu Cinematography: Meryem Yavuz Cut: Ali Ağa Scenography and Costume-design: Ayşe Özel

This is the auto fiction of M., a film-freak. On account of two consecutive retinal detachments, he almost goes totally blind. During 40 bed-ridden days, he'll be obliged to lie prone with both eyes closed.

- 2011, Istanbul International Film Festival, Meetings on the Bridge, French-Turkish co-production market

- 2011, CINEMED Film Festival of Montpellier, Development Grant

- 20. International Golden Boll Film Festival – Best Film, Best Script, Best Cut, SIYAD Best Film

- 36. International Moscow Film Festival – Special Jury Award

Journey of no Return: Last-stop Frankfurt Airport
Short-film, 25min, Berlin, 2010, IMDB: tt1820629

Staging and Screenplay: Güçlü Yaman Scenography and Costume-design: Ayşe Özel Cinematography: Susanne Dzeik, Ben Mergelsberg Sound: Rene Paulokat Costume-design: Kerstin Grießhaber, Elena Gaus

Aamir wanted to report the theft of his jacket to the police. But at the police station, everything goes completely different to what he imagined. His journey has already started.


- German Human Rights Film Award 2010
- 47. Golden Orange Film Festival Turkey – Special Jury Award
- 7. Akbank Short Film Festival Turkey – Best Film
- 2011 Minghella Film Festival UK – Best Human Rights Film
- 2011 Milan Film Festival Awards Italy – Best Short Film


Short-film, 17min, Istanbul, 2008 IMDB: tt2120132

Staging and Screenplay: Mustafa Emin Büyükcoşkun Cinematography: Orkan Bayram Scenography and Costume-design: Ayşe Özel

Geranium is the story of a street vendor selling pirated movie CDs. The vendor’s life changes unexpectedly when a girl asks for a movie title he has never heard of.

- 27. Istanbul International Film Festival – Hisar Short Film Selection

-10. New York Turkish Film Festival – Opening Short Film


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